Criminal Defense

Finding yourself accused of a crime, no matter how minor, is not a situation anyone wants to be in. Your life can go from completely normal one day to one of extreme stress the next – possibly from something that was not even your fault. When you find yourself facing criminal charges, North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Zachary Cohen is here to help.

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Attorney Zachary Cohen believes that everyone is entitled to a good criminal defense. Whether this is the first time you find yourself in a situation like this, or it happens more often than you would care to admit, our firm is here to make the law work for you. We believe in forming quality relationships with our clients, and are happy to talk with you about the place you are in. Chances are, we can do something to help.

Criminal Defense

We have helped numerous individuals in situations just like yours with criminal defense, DWI, DUI, traffic tickets, domestic cases, drug charges and DMV hearings. We know what it takes to put your best foot forward with the courts, and will do everything in our power to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

There are no guarantees in situations like this, but we have a proven track record of helping the courts see our clients for who they really are. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is struggling with something. By getting to know you and your particular situation, we can convey this information in a way that may help your case.

If you are facing a criminal charge, the best thing you can do is call our office immediately. Our staff can begin working on your case as soon as we discuss it with you. The sooner we get started, the better chance you have of a successful criminal defense.

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