DMV Hearings

If you are like most people, you depend on your ability to drive for a number of things, including work, family and recreational time. Driving is part of your everyday life, but it is also a privilege. When North Carolina decides you no longer deserve this privilege, it can be scary. What do you do? How do you defend yourself against the state? This is where the help of a North Carolina DMV lawyer comes in.

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Attorney Zachary Cohen has been helping people in your situation for some time, and he knows how unnerving it can be when the state threatens to take away your license. You may have made some mistakes, or you may be in a situation that is not necessarily your fault. Whatever the reasons, though, North Carolina is convinced that you no longer deserve a drivers license.

Our firm knows the process of DMV hearings, and we know how to help you hold on to your driving privileges. This is why it is so important for you to contact our firm immediately upon receiving a notice of suspension. We can request a hearing and help you keep your license up until the hearing, but only if the request is processed correctly – something we can ensure.

Whether you have been cited for speeding, for traffic violations or for any other infringement that leads to problems with your license, we know how to argue for you. You must convince the DMV that you are still fit to drive, that you need your license to lead a productive life and that you can be trusted with the privilege. Our firm can help the DMV understand all of this.

If you want to keep your license, please contact our firm today. We can begin doing the work that will help keep you behind the wheel.

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