Domestic Cases

Being accused of domestic violence can be a frightening and frustrating experience. If you have been accused of a domestic crime in North Carolina, you need an experienced North Carolina domestic lawyer on your side. Attorney Zachery Cohen zealously defends clients in Union, Mecklenburg, Anson & Stanly Counties.

North Carolina Domestic Violence Charges

In recent years many states, including North Carolina, have strengthened their domestic violence laws as a response to campaigns across the country aimed at stopping domestic violence. Unfortunately, the result of the increased pressure to stop domestic violence often leads to an “arrest now, ask questions later” policy. When in doubt, law enforcement officers frequently make an arrest and then let the prosecuting attorney decide whether or not to pursue formal charges. Once an arrest has been made, however, the likelihood of formal charges being filed increases substantially.

The Role of the Victim

All too often the police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute whereupon an arrest is made only to have the alleged victim recant, or change his or her mind, the next day. If you were arrested under a scenario such as this you may think that a change of heart by the alleged victim resolves the problem. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Once the State of North Carolina has filed charges against you the alleged victim does not have the authority to “drop” those charges. If the alleged victim truly wishes to recant, it could be helpful to your case; however, you need an experienced and competent North Carolina domestic lawyer on your side who knows how to proceed in a situation such as this.

Your Rights as an Accused

Regardless of the circumstances under which you were arrested and charged, you have a number of rights as an accused in a criminal prosecution, including your right to be represented by counsel. Serving Union, Mecklenburg, Anson & Stanly counties, Attorney Zachary Cohen is dedicated to defending and protecting his clients who have been accused of a domestic crime.

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