Drug Charges

A conviction for a drug offense can impact the rest of your life. Along with facing jail time and hefty fines you may also be turned down for employment, be disqualified for federal benefit programs, and even lose your right to receive student loans to further your education. If you have been charged with a drug offense in North Carolina, drug defense attorney Zachary Cohen can help. As a North Carolina native, attorney Cohen is proud to represent clients in Union, Mecklenburg, Anson & Stanly Counties.

Types of Drug Charges

In North Carolina, you can be charged with possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, or trafficking in a controlled substance. Drug possession offenses, which are charged as misdemeanors, are the least serious; however, you could still be sentenced to jail time if convicted of possession of a controlled substance.

Sale of a controlled substance is a felony offense in North Carolina. The potential penalties you face if convicted of sale of a controlled substance will vary depending on what type of drug was involved, the amount of the drug involved, and your own criminal history, or lack thereof.

At the top of the severity ladder is trafficking in drugs. If convicted of trafficking drugs in North Carolina you face a mandatory minimum prison sentence unless you provide “substantial assistance” to law enforcement authorities.

Your Rights as an Accused

When you are charged with a drug offense, it is critical that you retain the services of an experienced North Carolina drug defense lawyer to defend you. You have a number of rights as an accused; however, you must assert those rights for them to help you in your defense. Serving Union, Mecklenburg, Anson & Stanly Counties in North Carolina, attorney Zachery Cohen has the education, experience, and dedication necessary to fight for your rights throughout the prosecution of your case.

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