When a person has a criminal record, that fact alone can cause a lot of future problems. Getting a job, renting an apartment, obtaining certain types of licenses, or having immigration troubles can be the long term result when you have a criminal record on file. Expunction is one possibility that might be available to help you clean up your record and avoid these problems, if you meet state eligibility requirements.

Attorney Zachary A. Cohen

Attorney Zachary A. Cohen is a strong supporter of client rights to justice, and helps his clients to gain expunctions of their criminal records when that is possible. Under certain circumstances, a person can file a petition in criminal court to have their records wiped clean of any criminal charges and convictions. To find out if you qualify for expunction of your criminal record, call Zachary for a consultation; he can help you find that information now.

Monroe, NC Expunctions Lawyer

Expunction is the best solution for those who meet state requirements. Attorney Zachary A. Cohen is a Monroe, NC Expunctions Lawyer who helps eligible clients gain expunction by filing a petition with the criminal court. When your petition is successful, all law enforcement agencies that have your criminal record must eliminate those records and any database entries about those records. This includes local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies.

Union County, Anson County, Stanly County and Mecklenburg County

Attorney Zachary A. Cohen serves many clients in the Monroe, NC, area, including Union County, Anson Country, Stanly County and Mecklenburg County. Attorney Cohen and his paralegal, Carol Moree, have provided legal representation that is second to none to hundreds of clients who benefited from their legal experience. They care and work diligently on every case to get results for clients.

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